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PC Computers

We repair all makes and models of PC compatible desktop and laptop computers.

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Smartphone and Tablet Repair

Do you have a broken screen, dc jack, or headphone jack? We can help!

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Diagnostic services

Put a little money down, and we'll tell you what's wrong with your device.

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We will do our best to repair your device within your budget.

Quick Repair Process

Diagnostics done within 48 hours, most repairs completed within 7 days.

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Most services have a 30 day same issue warranty.

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If it plugs into the wall or runs on batteries we can fix it.

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We service all the newest and popular mobile phones, tablets and laptops. We can also repair most household electronics.

Mann Technologies Inc., Computers  Service & Repair, Williston, OH

We work on all brands

We work on almost all of the popular brands. We are the #1 digital device repair shop in Northwest Ohio

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