Terms of Service

    This agreement is between you, our customer and Mann Technlolgies, Inc.

  • The Customer must sign our Service Agreement before we begin any diagnostic procedure, or service.

  • The Customer agrees NOT to hold Mann Technologies, Inc. or any employee, or partner of Mann Technologies, Inc. responsible for the failure or functionality of any and all hardware or software associated with The Customer’s computer, peripherals or data storage device, including failure that may occur while attempting repair. The Customer accepts ALL RISK associated with any repair or attempted repair or any other action by Mann Technologies, Inc. and its associated employees on any and all of The Customer’s equipment.

  • The Customer is aware of the importance of backing up data and software. The Customer agrees NOT to hold Mann Technologies, Inc. or any employee or Partner of Mann Technologies, Inc. responsible in any way for the loss or corruption or consequences of the failure to recover any data or software residing on The Customer’s computer system or data storage device.

  • The Customer understands that the estimated time quoted to complete service depends on many factors and is a GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE ONLY. The Customer understands it is possible this time could significantly increase depending on what problems are discovered during service. The Customer understands that estimated turn around times for service do NOT include:

    • The day the system is dropped off (Unless dropped off before 10am.)
    • Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays
    • Time spent waiting for special order parts
    • Contracted repair services such as advanced data recovery

  • The Customer is welcome and encouraged to contact Mann Technologies, Inc. during regular business hours to check on the status of their service, but The Customer may or may not be contacted by Mann Technologies, Inc. until Customer input is needed or service is complete.

  • The Customer understands items left at Mann Technologies, Inc. locations more than 60 days from the date dropped off are considered abandoned and may be sold without The Customer’s consent.

  • The Customer understands that Mann Technologies, Inc. will only install/re-install software that is legitimate and includes proper license key. The Customer must provide both media and license key for us to install software programs. If Mann Technologies, Inc. suspects software piracy, we will report such acts to the proper authorities without Customer consent.