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8mm Video Cassette Tape to Digital Format

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Do you have precious memories recorded on a 8mm Video Cassette tape and would like them preserved forever in a digital format? Then you have come to the right place! We will transfer those memories to a DVD or a USB Flash drive so those memories will never be forgotten. If you have more than one 8mm Video Cassette Tape, no problem! Just change the quantity to the number of 8mm Video Cassette Tapes you need converted.

Our process is simple! Just follow these steps:

1. Choose the options on the right and purchase our media conversion service online.

2. Mail in or drop off your media to be converted at our store.*

3. After we have your memories transferred to digital format, we will provide your digital media by mail or store pickup.

Important Information:

*Our address to mail or drop off your VHS tape:

Mann Technologies

21051 W. Toledo Street

Williston, OH 43468

- Please include a copy of your invoice and return mailing address along with your tape -

**Additional shipping charges may apply if you request your original tape returned.

If you have a large volume of media that you'd like converted to digital format, please contact us at 419.972.4167 or email us at for pricing.

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