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Manhattan 56 K Modem PCI Card

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Product Details

56 K Modem PCI Card

Data / Fax / Voice Modem
Model Number: 153577
Easily connect with better speed and convenience.

The MANHATTAN 56 K Modem PCI Card with V.92 technology helps create a high-speed connection solution between a desktop computer and standard telephone line to send/receive email and faxes, search the Web and accept incoming telephone calls while online. By enabling faster downstream speeds with reliable and steady connections, the MANHATTAN 56 k Modem PCI Card helps to quickly upload and download digital images, email attachments, audio and video and other large files while improving views of graphics-intensive web pages.

  • Supports data transmission up to V.92 (56 kbps data download rate & 33.6 kbps data transmit rate)
  • Supports fax transmission up to V.29 (14.4 kbps transmission rate)
  • Supports voice transmission including software speakerphone
  • Hayes compatible for instant installation
  • Lifetime Manufacture Warranty
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