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A Brief History


Mann Technologies was founded in 2001 when Joel Mann noticed the need for quality computer repair services in his community. It all started with house calls and a small repair shop in his parents’ backyard garden shed. Computer repair shops at the time were numerous, however, they lacked the high-tech personal touch that Mann delivered naturally. This customer-centered focus for computer repair was well received by our first customers and the community just as it is today.





Image of old tech devices.
Image of our staff from 2001 in front of shed.
American Flag Painting.

Technology has changed over the years. However, providing the highest quality computer and related equipment service has not. We have developed our own diagnostic procedure that is effective, accurate and efficient. With this, we have also created service repair packages which not only solve our customer’s computer issues but also includes software apps that help prevent the issues from coming back.

We welcome you to our home on the web and hope you give us the opportunity to help you with all your technology needs. You are welcome to browse our entire site to explore what we have to offer. If you have any questions, please click on Manny on the top right-hand corner and have a quick chat. We hope to see you soon!


Have a Mann-tastic day!

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